Psychotherapy and Counselling

Life is a journey which includes inevitable setbacks and, for some, painful traumatic experiences. You may be facing a time of loss and crisis, feel dissatisfied with work or the quality of your relationships. You may feel your life lacks meaning and want to explore spiritual issues or you may want to resolve issues from the past. The process of therapy offers a space in which your concerns can be named, thought about and meaning explored.

Therapy can be seen as an opportunity to ‘wake up’ to ways of being, patterns of behaviour and dynamics in relationships that maybe do not serve us well anymore. We often have coping strategies that were set in place during childhood and which still get employed in times of stress or anxiety. When we become more deeply aware of our own process we then have the gift of choice – even if outer circumstances cannot change, we can change our inner responses and find more creative and meaningful ways of living.

Therapy can be a valuable support at these times providing a place of safety to explore issues through empathy and understanding. It can help you gain insight and offers self-responsibility and choice in one’s life. Therapy offers a confidential space to be seen and heard without judgement. My philosophy is that your own wisdom about any particular issue can be evoked, that we are each experts on ourselves and no-one else.

Counselling can be seen as a short-term process, generally 6-20 weekly sessions, which can focus on a specific issue. Psychotherapy is a longer-term process of 6 months or more. Working with unconscious ways of being and untangling threads from childhood are often important in this work.


I have experience over the years of working with many different issues. My particular areas of expertise are:


  • Bereavement and grief work
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Working with traumatic abuse
  • Loss of meaning and purpose
  • Relationship issues
  • Sexuality and gender issues
  • Spirituality

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