My own belief is that the personal and the spiritual journey are one – there is no separation. The divine is everywhere, both in what we traditionally view as sacred and also in the more profane aspects of life.


Our connection to the divine may be expressed through mainstream religion or spiritual practices or through a connection to nature and creation, or simply a sense of oneness and unity with all things, and in our everyday actions and routines. My experience is that a conscious connection to the soul enhances life and imbues it with meaning and purpose. There is always more potential to be unfolded within each of us and more wholeness to be experienced.


These transpersonal (meaning ‘beyond the personal’) connections can be experienced by anyone at any time. I respect and value people of all faiths or none.


My own spiritual practice encompasses contemplation in the Christian mystical tradition of the early monastics seeing silence and stillness as a pathway to the divine. The labyrinth is a powerful symbol of the contemplative journey.


I have always welcomed working with spiritual issues in the therapy room should you wish to explore this aspect of your life.



In our increasingly secular society it is difficult to find a place to talk about our spiritual journeys. I can offer that space and a willingness to walk alongside you wherever your path is leading.

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